The Future is Now: Cox Paves Way for Smarter Homes, Businesses in Northwest Arkansas

It’s amazing how quickly technology evolves. It’s projected that the average household will have 50 internet-enabled devices by the year 2020. Once limited to the imagination, consumer demand is now strong for home automation features and smart appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. The rapid increase in internet-enabled devices and new technology continues to make our lives easier and helps businesses run more efficiently. But how?

The backbone of technological advancement is a strong infrastructure. With the completion of deployment of Gigabit internet speeds to customers in Northwest Arkansas, Cox Communications is enabling smarter homes and businesses by delivering ultra-fast speeds throughout the community. Gigabit internet speeds allow users to:

Run all internet-enabled devices at the same time
Stream more than 25 4K HD videos simultaneously
Download a HD movie in less than 60 seconds
Download 100 songs in three seconds
Upload about 1,000 photos in about a minute

Cox is now offering GIGABLAST internet service everywhere across the Northwest Arkansas area. This means Cox is staying ahead of customers’ growing demands, as residents can already use multiple internet-enabled devices simultaneously to stream, download and share.

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