A key step of building any new home is getting electric service. If your new home is in Ozarks Electric’s service territory, the cooperative strives to make the process as easy as possible — call 1-800-521-6144 as early in the build process as possible, and member relations representatives, stakers and the construction department will make sure the new home gets the power it needs.

After more than 80 years of providing electricity in Northwest Arkansas,  the cooperative now does much more than just keeping the lights on.

OzarksGo, a subsidiary of Ozarks Electric, offers world-class high-speed internet, television and telephone service using an all-fiber network — as important to modern life as electricity was when Ozarks Electric began providing electric service to rural areas in the 1930s.

To make sure your new home is ready to receive OzarksGo, please call 1-866-521-6144 and speak with a representative about installing conduit to the home.

Ozarks Electric also offers a variety of energy-related services including an HVAC filter replacement program, a solar power program and more.

For more information about Ozarks Electric and its offerings, please visit for ozarksecc.com. To learn more about OzarksGo, visit ozarksgo.net.